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Our History

'Pop'When the folks of Greene County think of good food most think of good barbeque, and the name Morris Barbeque has become synonymous with that thought. Willie McKinley Morris, whom the older generation may know as “Pop,” and his wife Frances (Frankie) Hartsfield Dail Morris, lovingly called “Nannie” by her family, started the restaurant Morris Barbeque in 1956. But even before that, since as early as 1931, during the Hoover days, “Pop” peddled his barbeque down the streets of Hookerton on his mule and cart. At that time he raised his own hogs and cooked under his tobacco shelter on iron rods over a pit filled with charcoal, corncobs, and oak wood. What is now, the “pit”, is actually an old building that once served on the farm. The buildings may be old but that is what gives them the character and appeal they have today. During those early days “Pop” also ran a small store stocked with cleaning supplies, staple grocery goods, and cigarettes. The store served as a hang out for the people of “Pop’s” generation. Many would gather together outside of the store to fellowship and hear “Pop” play his steel guitar. Music and laughter must have Old Morris BBQ Storefilled the air during the weekdays only to be replaced on Saturday mornings with the sounds of meat cleavers chopping that delicious, hot-off-the-grill barbeque and the whirr of the crushed ice machine used to cut the slaw. The smells had to have been wonderful, too! Imagine the scent of fried hush puppies, delicious pork, and even the tasty desserts that “Nannie” would sometimes whip up to sell at the store. But even better than the sounds and smells had to be the tastes! Cool, crisp, sweet slaw; hot, crunchy, slightly sweet hush puppies; warm, moist, vinegar and red pepper-seasoned barbeque; crunchy pork skins; and tasty ribs; those were the items that were and still are on the menu Morris BBQat Morris Barbeque. The restaurant was a family affair, with many family members filling different positions over the years. When “Pop” passed on to his heavenly home on December 19, 1991, preceded in death by his wife “Nannie” on April 29, 1974, the family business was left to his grandson William Morris, Jr. Today the tradition continues with very little changes in the recipe and methods that “Pop” used. And it is still a family affair, continued by grandson William Morris and great-granddaughter Ashley. Many other family members are proud to work there, too. They all enjoy hearing a new story every Saturday from someone who once new “Pop” or stopped by to buy his barbeque. Many hold trips to Morris Barbeque as a dear memory within their hearts as they continue to return years later, even though some have moved to other states and can only make it home to Greene County occasionally. But the people do not hesitate to let it be known that they just had to visit once again to taste that barbeque and to recall wonderful memories of their past.

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